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Following a calorie shifting diet is the ideal way to lose weight the healthy way. You need not deprive yourself of food and starve yourself. This program appreciates healthy eating and you have to include all the four groups i.e. carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins in the right proportion. All four meals have to be eaten everyday. You are not required to skip meals. You could also cheat yourself once in fifteen years by eating junk food. This diet program gives you the flexibility of charting your diet plan.

What you need to understand and assimilate is that you need to design and chart out a meal plan which helps in burning calories as well as positive weight reduction. You could eat all the four meals and the meals should include all the food groups like mentioned earlier. All fruits, vegetables, meat and bread can be eaten without feeling guilty. What we need to ensure is that we need to group certain calories together at every meal and then re- rotate it or regroup so that the calories can be mixed and matched from one meal to another. This is known as calorie shifting.

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It has been medically proven that when you make these alterations in the calorie and the food, it leads to drastic weight loss. You could still eat your favorite plum cake and cheese burger without feeling guilty. Do not count the calories. Calorie shifting is one way of fooling your body metabolism by making the body believe that there is a deficit and the result is that the body uses the stored fats and calories. This helps in reducing weight and cutting fat from the body. This diet is very much similar to a low carbohydrate diet. It helps in faster weight loss. But once you start eating all those nutrients, still there is no weight gain because the body has adjusted to the new metabolism.

It is a very easy diet program which can be incorporated in our daily regime because it gives you the flexibility of eating to your heart’s content. We do not feel depressed that we are not able to eat to our liking. You can satisfy your tongue and tummy too.

An individual who follows this calorie shifting diet can lose about 9 pounds in about 11 days. Some tips which could prove useful are :

1. The amount of food you ingest should fill your tummy, not your heart. Do not overload yourself with food.There must be a gap of 3 hours between 2 meals.

Eat four meals daily. Work out how you are going to do that.

Give a break to this diet regime from the 12th to the 14th day and this regime can be repeated again. The 3 days break is basically for giving the body some rest. You would also experience tremendous weight loss during this period. It is advised that even though it is a break period; do not stuff yourself with unhealthy food. Try and avoid too much oily and spicy food. Make sure the trouble you have taken for losing the weight is not compensated by loading yourself with junk food on these 3 days.

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