Long Term Weight Reduction Plans

We need to appreciate that to achieve weight loss; you need to pursue a long term weight reduction plan. What are the necessary ingredients which go into planning this long term plan? There are people who feel that they are not able to achieve their goals no matter how hard they try. What could be the possible reasons for their failure to achieve their goal? What we have understood from the various experiments goes something like this. There is no short cut to weight loss. Weight lost in short term plans get accumulated again. Losing weight is not as easy as it is perceived.

The following are the four characteristics:

  1. The plan must evade cravings
  2. The plan must evade hunger
  3. The plan should effectively incorporate lot of physical activity and exercise.
  4. It must be practical to follow and it should gel with your lifestyle without any hindrance.

long term weight reduction plans

Long Term Weight Reduction Plans

What do you mean by cravings? Craving is a condition when the body forces you to have some food. This could happen even the body is not hungry. This is what is meant by binging. Binging is eating something even when you are not hungry. It is compulsory eating. What are the causes for these cravings? The body requires the essential nutrients from the different food groups to function effectively. These food groups are fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and water. Even if one of these food groups is not supplied to the body in the requisite amount, the body starts sending out signals. When you deprive your body of water, you start feeling thirsty. Thirst is the signal sent out the body that it needs water.

Weight loss plans which force a person to curb his cravings would never be a success. You are actually fighting with your body. The body starts feeling unhealthy and tired and this is when people give up on their diet program. The brain is the controlling factor and we are slaves to this master. It dictates how much is needed by the body.

How can you resist these temptations? These temptations can be controlled by providing the body with all the 6 food groups in the requisite amount. When both the good and not so good types of food are provided to the body, it will not ask for more. The gylcemic index is high in foods like potatoes, white bread and sugary foods. You need to include lot of wholegrain, fruits and vegetables which have considerably a lesser gylcemic index. They help to reduce weight. Once we are educated on the type of diet required by the body, it is easier for us to differentiate between the good as well as not so good types of food. You can successfully resist cravings and also prevent from eating more.

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