Losing Weight By Walking?

What if there was a simple, easy and cheap way to lose weight? Would you be interested? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? Well, I’m going to reveal the best exercise to lose weight, if you haven’t already read the title of this post, you would realise that the answer is walking. It’s such a cheap way to lose weight that it’s free.

Why waste your time and money busting your arse at the gym? when you could just walk. In fact, I’m going to cover a few reasons why you should lose weight if you want to lose that unwanted weight.

The first reason is price, obviously, you don’t need to spend money if you want to walk around. I would, however, recommend that you purchase a good pair of walking shoes and some comfortable fitting shoes. This way, you will be in the perfect position to start walking.

Secondly, I would recommend that you only spend around 1 hour to 30minutes walking each day, you really don’t want to over do it. Otherwise, you may blow yourself out and never want to walk anywhere ever again. Also, if you push it too hard on your very first time, you may never want to walk anywhere else again.

losing weight by walking

The next point, please find a friend to walk with, in particular a friend that you really like and have lots to talk about. In fact, if you start talking and walking at the same time you will really be amazed by how far you’ve been able to walk without even realising it. Not only does this make your exercising much more fun, it also helps you want to exercise again so that you can catch up to a friend.

So yeah, start walking if you want to lose weight.

If the weather outside is bad, then you could always start using a treadmill, as this would mean that you can start exercising without ever having to leave the house.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about using a fast weight loss diet, then I would suggest you stop, wait and think for a moment about the other options that are available to you. Namely, that first and foremost option that you can just start walking to lose weight. This is becoming extremely popular with a lot of young women and the reason for this is quite simple, it is becoming popular because it works.

With that in mind, please, please start walking – it’s free to do and its really easy. 1 hour a day will do wonders for your body, more so than any diet you could ever buy and the best part is, you will really start to enjoy it that it no longer feels like you are doing a choir.

That has got to be one of the longest ever conclusions in history, but yeah, start walking you can take me latter. Also, if you have read this entire article, well done to you. My spelling and grammar has been terrible throughout.

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